Lucien A. Morin, II as Receiver of Archipel Capital, LLC, et. al.

(Securities and Exchange Commission v. Gregory W. Gray, Jr., Archipel Capital, LLC, BIM Management LP, et. al. 15 Civ. 1465 (LAK)
(last updated October 10, 2017)


Important Note to Investors

The Receiver is in the early stages of this case and it is too early to tell how much money will be available for distribution to injured investors.

With the “asset freeze” imposed by the Court, the various bank accounts of the Receivership Defendants are preserved.

The Receiver is not your attorney, nor does the Receiver represent the U.S. Government or the SEC. It is up to each individual investor to decide whether to consult with an attorney. 

As it appears that the Relief Defendants did not send out the required K-1,s for tax year 2014, the Receiver intends to seek permission of the Court to engage the services of an accountant to prepare the needed tax returns and K-1s.

The Receiver cannot advise you of any tax consequences of your investment or of this proceeding. You would be well advised to contact your tax professional with any questions.

If you move, please send your name with the old and new address to or mail it to the Receiver’s office at 25 East Main Street, Suite 500, Rochester, New York 14614.