Lucien A. Morin, II as Receiver of Archipel Capital, LLC, et. al.

(Securities and Exchange Commission v. Gregory W. Gray, Jr., Archipel Capital, LLC, BIM Management LP, et. al. 15 Civ. 1465 (LAK)
(last updated September 28, 2015)


Updates on the Case

The Receiver will be filing periodic reports with the Court to advise of his progress, findings, and proposals. These reports will be posted to this webpage after they are filed with the Court.

New Updates - September 8, 2016:

Important Note To Investors:


Pursuant to the Court's Order dated August 29 2016 and filed on August 30, 2016, finding that all the elements are fair and reasonable,  Judge Kaplan approved the noticing of the Proposed Joint Plan of Distribution filed by the Commission and the Receiver on May 20, 2016.

If any  investor or creditor intends to object to the Plan,  THE LAST DAY TO OBJECT TO THE PLAN IS OCTOBER 24, 2016.

Copies of the Receiver's September 9, 2016 Letter to Investors and Creditors, The Proposed Joint Plan and the Court's Order may be found under Documents of Interest link for this matter.

2015 K-1s:

Investor K-1s for 2015 were mailed  to investors of record before April 15, 2016.

If you did not receive your 2015 K-1, please contact the Receiver's office by email () using "Archipel Capital 2015 K-1" in the subject line.

Also, if you have a new mailing or email address, please let the receiver know. 

Previous Updates:

First Status Report of Receiver (374.77 KB)

This report covers the period from appointment through May 6, 2015.

Second Status Report of Receiver (168.27 KB)

The period covered by this report is May 7, 2015 through September 28, 2015.

Third Status Report of Receiver (487.89 KB)

The period covered by this report is September 29, 2015 through March 15, 2016.

Receiver's Report Identifying All Cash and Other Property in the Receivership Case, dated February 16, 2017 (1,057.00 KB)

Receiver's Report Identifying All Cash And Other Property In The Receivership Case Pursuant To The United States District Court For The Southern District of New York's February 1, 2016 Order.

Important Note to Investors (October 6, 2015):

The Court's October 5, 2015 Order [Available here] removed Archipel Capital –Amyris Biotechnologies LP from Receivership control.  

As to the remaining Relief Defendants, the Receiver and his accountants have now completed the 2014 tax returns.

Investor K-1s will be mailed out on October 6, 2015, using the addresses provided to the Receiver. If you are an investor and do not receive your 2014 K-1 by October 13, 2015, please contact the Receiver's office via using the subject line reference “Archipel Capital 2014 K-1” and list the name of the Relief Defendant. The Receiver will then arrange to provide another copy to you. If you have a new address, please include that in your message to the Receiver.