Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

It is not uncommon for people to work and save all of their lives only to have their hard-earned assets depleted by the cost of nursing homes. Many individuals never expect to be faced with the reality of needing home care or ever think about the possibility of having to enter a nursing home, but the fact is, sometimes there are no other options. Many people do not realize that there are ways to protect their assets and still be eligible for a skilled nursing facility.

In addition, most people suffer from the misconception that upon entering a nursing home, it is too late to protect assets. Although planning years in advance can help preserve significant assets through the use of specialized trusts, gifting, insurance, etc., assets can be still be saved even though a move to a nursing home is imminent.

Whether you want to plan for the future or have an immediate need for advice on asset preservation, our elder care attorneys will inform you of the current rules and regulations, advise you on the best asset protection techniques and prepare the appropriate documents. If the time comes that you need to apply for Medicaid, we can prepare and submit your Medicaid application as well as represent you at the Medicaid interview. Many guidelines have changed; qualifying for Medicaid is now more challenging than ever.

Plan with us.  In confidence.