Municipal and Government

Our firm also serves as general counsel for several local governmental bodies, including planning boards, towns and villages, zoning boards, fire districts, and other special districts. We have also represented industrial development agencies and serve as special litigation counsel for several municipalities, and have litigated issues including tax assessment proceedings, land use matters, and the enforcement of inter-municipal cooperation agreements, as well as the defense of civil rights claims. Our firm also has background in military law and advising clients regarding veteran's affairs.

Many of the legal questions faced by municipalities are not unique to municipalities at all. Municipal corporations, like any of our other business clients, may need legal advice on a broad range of topics that are not necessarily related to the specific governmental service being provided.  For example, any of our clients--whether or not a town, fire district, or other entity--may need legal advice on diverse topics ranging from how to handle a contract dispute to how to conduct an investigation and respond to a complaint about workplace harassment. Fortunately, our firm's broad expertise equips us to handle many of these problems faced by our clients.

Of course, many of the municipalities we represent are also subject to very specific statutes and regulations that do not apply to non-governmental entities. Our attorneys are well versed in these statutes, whether they have broad application, such as the requirements of the State Environmental Quality Review Act ("SEQRA"), the Open Meetings Law ("OML"), the Freedom of Information Law ("FOIL"), or the procurement requirements of the General Municipal Law, or whether they have more specific application, such as the rules applicable to a fire district for disposition of a piece of surplus fire apparatus.

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