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MCCM Attorneys Working Remotely to Serve You

Mar 21, 2020

Our firm has a long-standing commitment to technology.  Our use of custom designed software for case management and document management helped our small firm remain nimble and leveled the playing field with our larger competitors.  Because of our firm’s commitment to technology, our attorneys already had the capability to work remotely, and you may have already interacted with them in remote offices without ever knowing that they were not in our downtown office. 

The practice of law has evolved to the point where face-to-face meetings with clients or adversaries are often unnecessary, and even inefficient.  Computer access allows us to review our case files, prepare documents, conduct legal research, and file papers with both state and federal courts without moving from our keyboards. 

Following recent changes to our office in response to the coronavirus COVID-19, all of our attorneys are now working remotely to serve your legal needs.  Please contact any one of our attorneys directly via email with your questions or legal concerns, and we will respond via email, phone or through videoconferencing services.

We look forward to working with you.