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Rochester Personal Injury Attorneys

Our team handles only those personal injury cases where legitimate, significant harm has been sustained: We set wrongs right. Our compassionate, personal approach sets us apart from other personal injury law firms. We don't spend our resources on billboards; we spend them on you. Our smaller caseload allows us to provide more individual attention to clients, enhancing the likelihood of securing a recovery commensurate with your injury. 

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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyers in Rochester

We have created a separate website, detailing our firm's personal injury practice, and we invite you to visit to discover how we can assist you. 

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Serious Injury Attorneys

  • Our experience spans many areas of law, giving us the advantage of being able to advise on other matters that may arise as a result of your injury. In addition, our smaller case volume allows us to ensure that we give you the individual attention that you need and deserve. We take a compassionate and personal approach to your case, and provide you with the highest quality representation.


Learn more about the following practice areas:

  • In the U.S., motor vehicle accidents involving personal injury occur approximately every 14 seconds, and accidents involving death occur every 12 minutes. Most of these car, truck or motorcycle accidents are the result of one driver’s negligent, careless or reckless driving. If you are injured as a result of another driver’s failure in a truck, car or motorcycle accident, you may have a legal claim.  It is imperative that you speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure that evidence that may be useful to your claim is preserved, certain time limitations are met, and all insurance paperwork is properly prepared and submitted.

    Accidents involving a car or truck and a motorcycle often result in catastrophic injuries to the motorcyclist. There are unique insurance laws involving motorcycles, as New York does not require them to carry no-fault insurance.

    Learn more about how our car accident lawyerstruck accident lawyers, and motorcycle accident lawyers can help you.

  • Children and adults in a crosswalk or jogging alongside a road can suffer life-changing injuries resulting from a careless driver who is not paying attention, or fails to yield the right of way. These pedestrian accident cases have unique issues: The negligent driver’s insurance must cover the medical expenses and lost wages of the injured pedestrian under no-fault coverage rules, as well as provide sufficient compensation for pain, suffering, and permanent injuries.

    According to the National Highway Safety Commission, over 50,000 bicyclists are injured in motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. each year.  Injuries resulting from a several ton vehicle colliding with a bicyclist are often devastating.  Fractures, head injuries, and internal and soft tissue injuries from bicycle accidents are common.  Under New York law, bicyclists have the same rights - and bear the same responsibilities - as all other drivers on the road.  All too often, motorists fail to appreciate a bicyclist’s exposure and neglect to yield or provide them space on the roadway.

    Learn more about how our pedestrian accident lawyers and bicycle accident lawyers can help you.

  • We all have a duty to look where we are going or stepping.  But property owners also have a legal responsibility to create a reasonably safe environment for their visitors, who may not be familiar with the stairs, aisles, or tripping hazards.  This is particularly true in retail establishments and commercial parking lots, where the invited consumer is encouraged to be more attentive to the displays of merchandise for sale than what is on the floor or ground, or hung in the air. The slip and fall injuries that occur in these situations – from fractured hips to broken wrists to eye injuries – can have personal consequences for which the land or store owner must bear responsibility for their negligent maintenance. Learn more about how our slip and fall injury attorneys can help you.

  • Toys and tools that are defective, or lack adequate guards and warnings, can change the life of anyone from a toddler at play to a construction worker responsible for providing for his or her growing family.  Medical devices and drugs can work wonders – or compound the suffering of patients when the devices are not adequately tested or recalled when a problem develops.  Manufacturers and distributors who tout the benefits of their products, and urge us to buy and use them, have a special responsibility in a consumer society to be sure that those products are properly designed and built, and include clear instructions and information about their risks and limitations.  Companies profiting from their marketing success must also be held responsible when they fail to meet these standards.

    Learn more about how our defective product injury attorneys can help you.

  • Accidents can happen in any workplace, but due to the nature of construction work sites full of hazards and heavy equipment, injuries can be particularly serious, life-changing, or even deadly. When you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, New York State law provides channels for you to seek compensation.

    Learn more about how our Construction Site Accident Lawyers can assist you.

  • A dog bite can create a serious medical situation, resulting in severe pain, injury, and, in the most tragic cases, death. In New York State, dog owners are required to license each dog, and are legally responsible for their dog’s

    Find out how our dog bite attorneys can help you if you've been affected by a severe dog bite injury.


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